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Gtmhub New Experience (Beta Testing)
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Gtmhub New Navigation Experience (Beta testing)

AUTHOR: Gtmhub Product Team
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Through our team’s own use of Gtmhub and feedback from customers, we found our current navigation was overwhelming and complex for most of our users. We have released beta testing for the new experience to help define the improvements needed before a full release.

6 Focus Areas of Improvement

Here are the specific areas of the navigation our team is working on improving:

  1. Size of menu
    The main navigation often has 34 items shown for users. This can create anxiety and a sense of complexity.

  2. Inconsistent sub-items
    Some items on the menu have dynamic sub-items (e.g.Sessions or Tasks), some are static (e.g. Insights or People), and others have no sub-items where one may expect them (e.g.Whiteboards)

  3. Inconsistent behavior
    Certain items on the menu can be clicked, like Automation and Marketplace, while others only expand sub-items which causes confusion.

  4. Inconsistent patterns
    OKRs, Tasks, and Lists menu items contain text for "All Sessions", "All Lists", and "+ Add filter” links which cause inconsistency in design.

  5. Lacking prioritization of features
    Many users do not use items that are currently displayed. High use menu items such as “OKRs” are mixed with low use items such as “Automation”, including the outdated presence of “Experiments”.

  6. Inconsistency in Settings and Configuration
    The settings icon is hard to find in our current menu, and there is inconsistency in which features a user expects to show in settings and which features show on the menu.

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