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Whiteboard Reactions and Voting
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React and Vote on Ideas in Whiteboards

AUTHOR: Gtmhub Product Team
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Our Whiteboards are already a powerful tool that helps organizations manage three major areas of collaboration:

  1. Equipping every team and individual with the context they need to draft strong, well-informed OKRs that align with top-level OKRs

  2. Providing an unconstrained safe space to collaborate — transform unstructured ideas into powerful stories and plans

  3. Reducing friction from creation to execution, leaving no idea behind

So what was missing?

When we look at how our customers are using Whiteboards, we have found that for most teams, OKR brainstorming occurs before an OKR cycle is started as part of the OKR creation process. Various teams gather to brainstorm and come up with Objectives and Key Results that advance the organization. During those meetings, everyone proposes Objectives and Key Results and the best ones are selected.

We noticed these brainstorming sessions presented a few challenges that are new React and Vote Whiteboard feature is here to solve!

  • Provide Feedback Quickly
    It now takes less than a second for a team member to vote or react to show their favorite or least favorite ideas.

  • Validate Ideas
    Team members can provide feedback and support for all ideas in the form of reactions that further validates other team members' contributions.

  • Easily Focus and Prioritize
    With one glance, team members can see the highest voted themes, ideas, or OKRs and quickly know where their team should focus and what to prioritize as the next steps.

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Want to try it out?

Login to your Gtmhub account and start voting in Whiteboards! For further guidance, visit our help article on working with Whiteboards.

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