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Text Formatting in Comments and Text Fields

AUTHOR: Gtmhub Product Team

Make your text stand out, draw attention to a specific point or amplify that praise using text formatting in comments and text fields in Gtmhub.


Sometimes it's hard to convey your emotion or highlight the importance of the comments you're making online, as opposed to in person. Behind a screen nuances of conversation can be lost and the reader may not pick up on your tone or may find it hard to prioritise the importance of the points you are making.

Improvements to text formatting

  • Bring your text to life with text fonts such as bold, italics, and underlining

  • Structure your text entry using bullet points and numbering functionality

  • Support your point by adding hyperlinks

Where to use text formatting

  • Comments

    • Objectives

    • Tasks

    • Insights

    • Feed (badges, KR updates)

    • Approval workflow (approve/decline OKRs)

    • OKR state comment

  • Text Fields

    • KR updates

    • Objective description

    • KR description

    • Task description

    • Insight description

    • KPI description

    • Team description

    • Custom fields

Bring more structure and excitement to your messaging using text formatting in your comments and text fields. Log in to Gtmhub to try it out for yourself.

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