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Q3 Roadmap 🚀 New ✨ Improved

Weekly Product Roundup for 09.30.2022

AUTHOR: Gtmhub Product Team

As Q3 draws to a close, we have made a host of updates to Gtmhub. We've made additional enhancements to our Whiteboards, with a Beta test giving you the ability to instantly turn a note into a KR, helping with your strategic planning. We've also released the ability to Bulk Delete OKRs, to help you to set up your Session ahead of the launch of Q4.

Turn a Note into a KR in Whiteboards (Beta Test)

Many organizations use notes in Whiteboards to help with strategic planning, and from now on you will be able to drag and drop these notes under an Objective to quickly turn it into a KR. This speeds up the time from planning to action, and reduces the need to duplicate the note content under the Objectives as a KR.

Want to learn more? This feature will be releasing soon to all accounts. Until then, to find out more about how to make the most out of your Whiteboards, visit our help article on working with Whiteboards.

Ability to Bulk Delete Items

Some Organizations like to keep the same OKRs between Quarters. To do this, they are cloning the old OKRs into the new Session, updating the KRs and deleting the unnecessary or outdated OKRs. To aid with this process, we have deployed the ability to Bulk Delete OKRs. This saves the tedious and time-consuming process of deleting the OKRs one-by-one.

Want to learn more? to find out more about this new feature, visit our full release note here.

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As well as adding the above major features, we've been hard at work to deliver some minor enhancements across the platform and our Mobile app.

GIFs in Updates and Comments (Mobile). Just like the desk-top version of Gtmhub, we have deployed the ability to use GIFs in your updates and comments on the Mobile app to help you get your point across, amplify your praise, or bring to life your message. To try it for yourself, download the Gtmhub Mobile app here.

Insightboards: Export PDFs in Landscape. With this feature you will be able to get more of your valuable data on a page, and will make exporting your data to PDF a lot easier to read and interpret.

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