In planning
Q3 - 2022
Q3 Roadmap 🚀 New

Link Your Meetings to Your OKRs

STAGE: In planning

Teamwork is at the core of OKRs and all phases of strategy development, deployment, execution, and optimization.  Oftentimes this collaboration around OKRs and projects happens during regular meetings and ad-hoc discussions.

To improve transparency and ease of having key information all in one place, we are building out a meeting functionality within Gtmhub that will allow users to quickly schedule collaborative meetings and link important meeting notes and action items to their OKRs.

Some of the features we are looking to provide could include the ability to:

  • Set recurring or ad-hoc meetings from Gtmhub

  • Utilize templates for different types of meetings

  • Connect to a user’s calendar and show upcoming meetings

  • Keep a record of past meetings notes

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