In planning
Q3 - 2022
Q3 Roadmap ✨ Improved

Improve "Manage Data" Permission Settings

STAGE: In planning

The “Manage Data” permission within Gtmhub is a global setting reserved for account admins. It covers access to data including:

  • Reports

  • Data Sources

  • Editing and creating KPIs, Insights, Insightboards

  • Automation

  • And more

While it is often important to limit data access to admins, the problem comes when the same “Manage Data” permission for data sources limits key Gtmhub features like dynamically tracking KPIs and Key Results and creating Dynamic Key Results from an Insightboard.

Some of the features hidden behind the “Manage Data” permissions would be helpful for all users and not only admins. We are working on improving the flexibility of our data permissions to allow account admins to unlock basic features for non-admin users, without giving access to important data.

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